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Primula Vapormat Industrial electric steam generator for continuous operations 

Available in 6 models depending on the power from 2.5kw up to 6kw

It is equipped with fault detection program and electronic keyboard with touch buttons. Different connections for one, two or three steam irons. All functions are electronically controlled through an electronic plate.

Suitable for garment industry. dry cleaning shops, tailer shops and ateliers.

Special Features 

  • Electronic water level control system through 3 electrodes
  • Fault detection program and electronic keyboard with touch buttons
  • Cylinder steel boiler 8.5L/ thickness 7.1mm (The water drops glide down to the bottom of the boiler.
  • Outside and inside welding of the boiler to avoid oxidation
  • Double steam outlet for 2 irons which keeps the steam dry
  • Water inlet through a copper tube 12mm
  • External Safety valve, according to the TUV safety regulations
  • 20L external water tank
  • Wheels for east transport and service

Remarkable Advantages 

  • Operation through main switch
  • Built in electric water pump, amplified against pressure, with thermal protection
  • Electronic circuit card connected by faston connectors for easier and cheaper service. The card controls all the operations of the generator that are indicated through the keyboard signals, The way the operator is able to provide information to the technical assistance department. It also controls the automatic water-feeding system.
  • Low Safety voltage (24 volt) on the electronic control keyboard, on the pressostat as well as on the electrodes.
  • Blocking system placed on the water outlet valve for more safety against any burning.
  • Overheating system. This is an innovative technology of Vapormat. Overheating system is an electric safety system. A problematic function of the water’s level control system ( caused due to cumulative salts on the electrodes – bad maintenance)  or by the overpressure of the steam generator (more than 3.5 bar) could result in the overheating of the generator. In that case the overheating system causes the heating element’s  burning.

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Available in 6 models 

For All Models 

  • Steel Boiler                  – 8.5L
  • Operating Pressure   – 3.5 bar or 4.5 bar (after request)
  • Test Pressure              – 6 bar

Vapormat 1.2,5

  • Heating                        – 2.5kw
  • Steam outlet               – 1
  • Steam Production     – 3.25kg/h
  • Power Supply            –  230v

Vapormat 1-4

  • Heating Power        – 4kw
  • Steam Outlet           – 1
  • Steam Production  – 5.2kg/h
  • Power Supply          – 230v

 Vapormat 2-4

  • Heating Power       – 4kw
  • Steam Outlet          – 2
  • Steam Production – 5.2kg/h
  • Power Supply          – 230v

Vapormat 2-4 

  • Heating Power        – 4kw
  • Steam Outlet           – 2
  • Steam Production – 5.2kg/h
  • Power Supply         – 400v

Vapormat  2-6 

  • Heating Power        – 6kw
  • Steam Outlet           – 2
  • Steam Production – 7.8kg/h
  • Power Supply         – 400v

Vapormate  3-6 

  • Heating Power       – 6kw
  • Seam Outlet           – 3
  • Steam Production – 7.8kg/h
  • Power Supply        – 400v


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