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Primula Ironing Table with Heating, Suction and Blowing

The unique ironing table can transform itself within 3 minutes. You can have one ironing table with 2 switchable ironing surfaces. It is ergonomic and runs very silently with a powerful suction and blowing system.

Suitable for workshops, ateliers and domestic use.

The Tailor can easily be combined with a portable steam generator Magic Inox 2.5L or Atmos 5L.

Available in 2 models:  

  • Heating and Suction (Tailor)
  • Heating, Suction and Blowing (Tailor S+B)

Comes with : Eco swivel bow, SIM silicone iron rest pad, spill tray and kicker plate

Extra Accessories:  Swivel arm, sleeve buck without heating, hanger and accessories holder, finisher, steam boiler with steam iron

Technical Specification  

  • Working Surface –      110 x 38cm (Tailor DOB)
  • Working Surface  –     115 x 45cm (Tailor FL)
  • Standard Height –      85cm
  • Heating Power   –       1kw
  • Suction Power   –       0.27HP
  • Blowing Power  –       0.27HP
  • Power Supply –          230V-1PH-50Hz


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