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The Primula Eco DOB Ironing table with heating, blowing and suction.

for ironing ready made ladies/ children’s garments, skirts, dresses, shirts etc.  Suitable for garment industries, workshop and ateliers

Available in 3 models :

Heating and suction (Eco DOB)

Heating, suction and blowing (Eco DOB S+B)

E Model – Heating and suction with electronic board (Eco DOB E) and Heating, suction and blowing with electronic board (Eco DOB E S+B)

The E Version has a specialized PC board that controls and regulates the power consumption of the ironing table. In using the E version you receive optimal performance and stability in suction with the lowest possible energy use. The test results have shown gain in energy saving up to 40%

Comes with:

Eco swivel bow, SIM silicone iron rest pad, spill tray, kicker plate and chimney 39cm

Extra Accessories: 

Swivel arm, buck, vario system, iron gantry, steam iron, lighting system

Technical Specifications 

  • Working Surface  – 110 x 38cm
  • Standard Height  – 85cm
  • Heating Power     – 1kw
  • Suction Power     – 0.50Hp
  • Blowing Power  –   0.27HP
  • Power Supply    –   230V-1ph-50Hz


Click here for more information on the Primula Eco DOB PDF


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