Seiko LZ2 Series Zig Zag Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine

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Single needle, light to medium duty, large vertical axis hook, reverse stitch, zig zag stitch machine.


  • 2 Point (1 step Zig-Zag 
  • LZ2-990-2N : Drop Feed
  • LZ2-992-2N : Upper & Lower Feed
  • 3- Point (2 step) Zig Zag
  • LZ2-990-3N : Drop Feed
  • LZ2-992-3N : Upper & Lower Feed
  • 4 Point (3 Step) Zig Zag
  • LZ2-990-4N : Drop Feed
  • LZ”-992-4N : Upper & Lower Feed


  • For sewing light to medium weight materials such as fabrics, leather, canvas and vinyl
  • Suitable for sewing such as leather garment, show upper, leather gloves


  • Suitable for light to medium materials
  • Large vertical axis rotary hook
  • Extra wide Zig Zag
  • 20 inches long arm model is available


For more information please see Seiko LZ2 Zig Zag



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