Newlong DS-9C Bagstitcher

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The Newlong DS-9C bag closing machine is the fastest single needle bag closing machine available for virtually all types of filled bags. The DS-9C was designed for the use on a high speed, heavy duty industrial automation line.

Well balanced rotational parts ensure very little vibration and promote a highly reliable closing system. The DS-9C filled bag sewing machine is ideally suited for high speed bag closing and filling applications where conveyor speeds  of 25m/min

A unique but simple fully enclosed oil bath lubrication system greatly extends the life of moving parts, promotes reliability and longevity, and reduces maintenance costs. Upon exit of the bag a built in cylinder driven guillotine style cutter will automatically cut thread and or crepe tape.

Technical Specification 

Speed 2,700 r.p.m
Stitch Length 7-10.5mm
Material Thickness 8mm Maximum
Cutter Air Cylinder Operator Cutter – 3.5NI / Min – 4kg/cm2
Needle DR-H30  #26
Oiling System Maintenance Free Oiling System



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Newlong DS-9C

Max SpeedSeamStitch WidthCutterNeedleOilingWeightFeatures
2,700rpmDouble Chain Stitch7-10.5mmAutomaic Crepe tape cutterDR-H30 #26Oil Bah41kgCrepe Paper Cutter