Global NF 300 Series

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High Speed needle lockstich machine with reversible needle feed. Machine has  automatic lunrication, stitch length 4mm.

NF-331LH –

Same as above but with large hook and 5mm stitch length

NF 331 AUT –

Same as NF 331, but with thread trimmer and back tack (solenoid)

NF 331 – LH-AUT

Same as NF 331-LH but with thread trimmers and back tack (solenoid)

For more information please see  Global NF 300


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Model Machine SpeedOiling System Stitch Length Presser Foot LiftElectric Presser Foot LiftNeedle Type
NF 331 AutMax 5000 spmFully AutomaticMax 4 mmMax 8mmOptional134R
NF 331 LH (AUT)Max 3000 spmFully AutomaticMax 5mmMax 8mmOptional 134R