KS-EU 6″ Straight Knife Cutter

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Geniune KS-EU is really the last world for small size straight knife cloth cutting combining a full automatic knife sharpener, newest and most advanced technology is adopted for this machine to ensure finest cutting out various styles of cut as well as for the think piece goods. KS-EU, as well as other KM series cutters, have full die cast housing.   Made in Japan.
Comes complete with accessory kit 
  • 3 x Spare Blades
  • 50 x Spare Sharpening Bands
  • 1 x Knife Key
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • Grease and Oil

The KM EU 6 has all the features of the big industrial straight knife cloth cutting machines but is supplied in a smaller and lighter package which is easier to operate and highly maneuverable. 
The machine has been specially designed for users who are cutting small lays of up to 110mm in depth. It features a shorter than normal knife stroke which operates much better on small lays and reduces the cutting warp which is associated with bigger machines.
The KM EU is manufactured and assembled in Japan. It is built to last and with correct use and care it will give you years of service.

Die Cast Housings 

Adoption of full die case housing ensures lighter weight and easier operation.

Safety Devices 

Safety devices on switch mechanism and on pulley assure perfect insulation and safety to operate.

Sharpening Device

Knife sharpening device works automatically by lightly pressing down the sharpener lever. Two abrasive belts of heavy duty backing, rotating in different directions, maintains correct pressure power and angle. This is the KM time saver mechanism. It always ensures the same angle of the cutting edge and makes the life of the knife last longer.


  • Cutting Capacity  – 110mm
  • Power                     – 200W
  • Voltage                   – 220V
  • Weight                   – 9kg



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