KS-AUV 6″ Straight Knife Cutter

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Genuine KS-AUV 6″ Straight knife cloth cutting machine with automatic abrasive belt sharpener, is the most popular cutting machine in the garment industry.  Its Suitable for cutting all kinds of fabric from thin materials to thick material.  Made in Japan

Comes complete with accessory kit.
  • 3x Spare Blade
  • 50x Spare Sharpening Bands
  • 1x Knife Key
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • Grease and Oil

The Motor is an originally developed motor. It assures a smooth cutting operation with excellent cutting power and low motor temperature.
Automatic Oil Lubrication Device 
Oil can be supplied automatically from the oil reservoir to the guide metals and cross head, and the internal oil guard keeps other interior parts clean.
Automatic Sharpening Device 
There is an abrasive belt sharpening device. Just press down the sharpening lever, and the blade can be sharpened automatically to maintain the most suitable edge of the blade.
Thinner and flat type standard makes the resistance of cutting, material lower and bigger blade stroke makes cutting smoothly.
Base Plate 
The Base plate is low and surface is smooth to make the material travel on ot smoothly before and after cutting.
Fan- guard and starting switch cover are equipped for safety reason.


Cutting Capacity     –   6″ -110mm 
Power                        –   500W/800W (KS-AUH)
Voltage                      –  100V/200V
Weight                      –   14.5Kg

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Weight 14.5 g


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