Brother Z8560A

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Direct Drive Electronic Zig Zag Sewing Machine with or without thread trimmer, plain zig zag, 3 step zig zag, scallop patterns and T-stitches are provided (t-stitches not provided on -301 spec)

with 14 sewing patterns built- in, users do not need to have multiple cams for each sewing pattern. Please see the leaflet above for more information on the patterns.

Custom patterns can be saved to memory, and can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as decorative stitching of ladies wear, knitted articles, foundation garments and swimming wear.

The internal direct drive motor is built in to the head of the sewing machine, eliminating the need for v belts, and reducing power consumption by 50% (compared to belt driven AC servo motors)

Models :

Z8550A-301 – Without thread trimmer.

Z8550A-A31 – Without thread trimmer, with backtack / condense device

Z8560A-431 – With thread trimmer, with upper thread feeding device, with backtack/ condense device, with thread wiper.


Common Features 

  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Max Zig-Zag width 10mm
  • Light and Medium Materials
  • Foot lift by hand: 6mm
  • Foot lift by knee : 10mm
  • Max sewing speed 5000 spm


For more information please see Z8560A



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