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    The Newlong NP-7A bag stitcher is built to a very high quality, and is perfect for closing all kinds of paper, pvc, jute, polypropylene and woven sacks.
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    We offer a full range of Straight & Round Knife and hand held mini cutters cutting machines. All of the product and parts we offer are at the highest possible quality and is always fairly priced for all of our customers. Should you have any questions please either email us on or phone us on 0151 525 0511
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    Seiko Machines
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    Sew-Europe Machinery
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    At Sew Europe we offer a range of bag stitchers and parts. We offer nothing less than the most recognisable and industry leading manufacturing brands available on the market today. Each brand has their own various specification, so be sure to browse the products that we have available to see the differing specifications. We also sell Thread ranging from small 180g cones to the big 10k cones. Also hanging hook and Suspension Units are also available. If you have any further questions and wish to talk to a member of staff, please call us on 0151 525 0511 or email us on
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